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MyTravel Indonesia invites you to experience your trip to Indonesia in the heart of local life, where exchanges and encounters take on a new meaning. Whether it's sharing a meal in a remote village or going on an excursion through the rice fields and jungle, each moment will bring you unforgettable emotions. In addition to living a unique experience, you help the country socially and participate in preserving its biodiversity. We are committed to choosing for you the most ecologically responsible and socially involved local partners. Our sustainability impact helps you measure the social and environmental impact of your accommodations and activities. Through our sense of environmental responsibility and our values of sharing, let's discover Indonesia in all its facets.

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Want to travel in a responsible way?

Respect for local

Most of our economic benefits go directly to the local communities. You contribute through your trip to the Indonesian people and create a social, local, and sustainable impact.

Unique experiences

You are unique, your trip deserves to be too. You will discover Indonesia according to your desires. Tell us your dreams and we will make them come true!


The essence of the trip lies in the emotions it arouses. We offer you a human adventure to live, share, and feel.

Reconnect with nature

The protection of nature is one of our concerns. We commit ourselves as soon as possible to propose solutions that are more respectful of the environment. And to share with you our passion for the Indonesian flora and fauna.

Sustainability Index

Does sustainable travel exist? Aware that this is not always easy, we have set up a sustainability index for each of your experiences to measure the environmental, economic and social impact of your trip.

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Why travel to Indonesia with us?

The world's largest archipelago has many facets as varied as your travel desires. With more than 17,000 islands scattered around, Indonesia is unique in its natural wealth and cultural diversity. The gentle way of life of Bali, the volcanic beauty of Java, the deserted beaches of Lombok and Gili, the ancestral traditions of Sulawesi, the wild jungles of Sumatra... One thing in common: a sense of hospitality and an incomparable kindness! Come and live an authentic human experience with us at the rhythm of the bewitching Indonesia.

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